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About Us

What started out as a passion for playing pool, evolved into a business of selling and repairing pool tables and cue sticks.

This came about when I realized I was a lousy player! 

Since I found that paying an entry fee to a tournament and watching someone else run the table wasn't very profitable, fixing tables seemed the only way I could be sure to walk away from a table with more money than I came with!

I got my start installing new AMF tables for the former Burlington Billiards company in 1997. A few years later, I branched out on my own and have installed many new tables for several pool table retailers in the area. Some of the brands are, Brunswick, Connelly, Gandy, Olhausen, American Heritage, Presidential and Sears. In recent years, the increase in internet sales has allowed me to perform installations for many internet companies.

I thoroughly enjoy working on pool tables because it allows me to make good use of my meticulous nature and uncompromising attention to detail. Standing back and looking at a freshly assembled quality pool table is very rewarding. Knowing that someone will get years of enjoyment out of something I put together makes the job worthwhile, especially if they are kids. I remember installing a table for a family where a young boy sat and watched quietly throughout the whole four hour process. When I was done, I asked him if he wanted to take a few shots and he said he had never played. I took a few minutes and showed him how to hold the stick and line up a shot. By some miracle, the first shot he took went into the pocket. He looked up with a grin from ear to ear. I knew at that point, he was hooked for life (or, he really knew how to play and was trying to hustle me)!

The people who work with me are hand picked and trained by me so they can perform to my exacting standards. Properly assembling a pool table takes three things; experience, experience and experience. No one goes out on an assembly job unless I feel comfortable putting my name, and stamp of approval on everything they do. 

Rest assured, if your table is assembled by us, you will get the best work possible. We will not leave your home until we, and you, are completely satisfied with the appearance and playabilty of your table.

Brian Taylor
Pool Table Mechanic
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