Install new table (cloth provided)           $450.00
 Replace cloth and level table (6 and 7 foot tables)  $350.00 + cloth
 Replace cloth and level table (8 and 9 foot tables)  $375.00 + cloth
 Assemble table with existing cloth $390.00
 Assemble table with new cloth $450.00 + cloth
 Disassemble table $170.00
 Disassemble table and crate up slates $450.00 + materials
 Disassemble, transport,reassemble table $530.00
 Replace bed cloth only $250.00 + cloth
 Replace rail cloth only $300.00 + cloth
 Level table only $50.00
 Disassemble, move, reassemble for new floor $450.00

Prices quoted are for standard repairs only.
Unusual repairs will be estimated prior to performing repairs.
There will be a $25 charge for each flight of stairs during any table moves or installations.
Mileage charges will be $1 for all travelled miles after the first 10 miles.
Prices do not include hardware replacement or repair if required.

Cue Stick Repair Pricing

 Replace soft or medium tip $18
 Replace hard or extra hard tip $20
 Replace Ferrule (fiber)
 (includes new tip and recondition shaft)
 Recondition wooden shaft $18
 Recondition composite shaft Requires Estimate
 Replace linen wrap $80
 Adjust weight $10
 Adjust weight (drilling and tapping required)         $30
 Repair joint         Requires Estimate
 Refinish handle  Requires Estimate
 Replace bumper          $3
 Resize shaft $15




Taylor's Tables and Cues
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